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Sunset at The Entrance, NSW
13th Jan 2010 | Posted in: Homepage Featured, Tim's Blog Comments Off on Sunset at The Entrance, NSW
Sunset at The Entrance, NSW Sunset at The Entrance, NSW Sunset at The Entrance, NSW

These photos have great poignancy for me, in that this would be the last time that my 18 year old son Jethro would be with his camera, and the memory was of he being on one side of the jetty, and me being on the other side. Frankly, I reckon his photos speak better to me than mine. See for yourself on his website (see the link). The three shots I have here are virtually facing the same way, with one of the long jetties on the north side (right hand side). The place is actually called Long Jetty, just near The Entrance, north of Sydney and on the central coast of NSW. So basically I captured the light as it changed. I used my 35-70 lens, which is renown for its tendency to flare when pointed to the sun – tricky stuff. I was helped by a ND grad. And what you see is what I took, apart from some cropping. The time – September 2009, just before we headed home after Jethro’s treatment and recuperation. The centeredness for me is that even though this sunset ironically typified where my son was in his life, it is not forever, as Another smashed through the chains of death after His own sunset, thus allowing  us to face with confidence an eternal sunrise when He returns to finally end all things. Feel free to subscribe!

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