About Tim Kingston

Trying to capture the beauty, the astounding and the ordinary that was around me here in Eastern Australia was something I enjoyed doing years ago as an enthusiast with my old Canon A1. My wife and my older children (then les petits enfants) would sit patiently in the car while I did my thing! A while ago I got into the digital age with a Canon G2 – still have it! Then two of my sons entered – one with Nikon and the other with Canon. And it was my Nikon wielding son who while finishing high school and thus still at home encouraged me back into the joy of freezing time and space. And the memory lingers. I would dedicate this humble offering to the Creator who continually centers my living and provides me with meaning and hope in this crazy world, to my Nikonian son Jethro who just recently died from cancer – a link to his website is in the link section, and to my wife for her patience and her comments. Thanks also to my Canon son I look forward to exchanging ideas, and to another son who set this webpage  up for me. I hope that you enjoy what is here – it will be a growing gathering of time/place capsules, as I find time. I do welcome any feedback. If you would like to use any of the photos, please get in touch with me.