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26th Jun 2010 | Posted in: Homepage Featured, Tim's Blog 2
Currawah below Bourke – II

What gets me, a spoilt 21st century ‘Western’ man, is how you can live in a house such as that which is featured here – with a family? Times have indeed changed. Unfortunately, not necessarily for the better for those on the rubbish heaps of Calcutta.  Multinationals is not my thing. Anyway, I love the colour of […]

6th Jun 2010 | Posted in: Homepage Featured, Tim's Blog, Uncategorized 62
Currawah below Bourke, NSW

Nearly two weeks ago I had the privilege of spending a couple of days at a small property (3,000 acres!) called Currawa, just south of Bourke, NSW. An Aboriginal education centre is in the process of being established there by the church I am with. I had the opportunity of taking a few pics – these are […]